Moisan Porte de garage

Industrial & Commercial
Loading Docks and Shelters

Moisan Portes de garage offers installation and maintenance of  loading dock equipments, loading seals and shelters, bumpers, holding hooks, traffic lights, etc.


Hydraulic Loading Dock

Hydraulic lifting platform, ultra robust, powerful and reliable. Available in several sizes and lifting capacities.


Mechanical dock leveler

Durable mechanical dock leveler, easy to use and reliable. Available in several sizes and lifting capacities.


Vertical storage dock

Energy-efficient vertical dock, easy to maintain and safe. Available with telescopic ramp and in different sizes and capacities.


Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge mounted docks: reliable, easy to use and maintenance.


Lifting Platforms

Lifting platform with ball bearing, locking of the rings on pins and cylinders of high performance with guide bearings and scrapers.


Holding hooks

Holding hooks with automatic features designed to secure a truck to the loading dock by engaging rear bumpers with a wide barrier.



Designed to protect the dock and shock absorber. Available on steel, laminated, or molded face.


Foam dock seals

Waterproof polyurethane foam dock seals that includes 2 vertical cushions and a head cushion.


Inflatable dock seals

Waterproof inflatable dock seals that keep the dock at a controlled temperature.


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