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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and products. If you would like more information on the topic you are interested in, we suggest that you contact one of our sale consultant.

1- How much clearance do I need above the garage door?
Ideally, in order to install a standard “torsion spring” hardware, we require at least 12 inches between the top of the door and the finished ceiling. If you are between 5 inches and 12 inches we will use a reduced clearance accessories. Same thing if you have more than 12 inches, we can install a system to raise the rails. If you’re planing to install a garage door opener, an additional 2 inches is required.

2- How to take measurements before buying my new garage door?
Consult our measurement document in PDF

3- How to prepare the opening or the door frame of garage?
Consult our document on the preparation of the framework in PDF

4- How do I maintain my garage door?
Consult our maintenance document in PDF

5- How to install a garage door?
See our PDF Installation Guide

6- What type of garage door accesories you can recommend, the one with the 2 inches or 3 inches rails?
It’s depends on the size of your garage door and the frequency of use. If the door has an area of ​​less than 280 square feet and regular use (eight opening cycles per hour) then accessories with 2 inches will be sufficient. For any other situation, we will recommend use 3 inches accessories.

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